Benefit Using Terrazzo Flooring

How To Clean Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Flooring – Pour batter over prepared concrete, where it then spread and worked constantly with rollers and trowels. Furthermore, the total additional hands proliferation and out. Once this has been established a base layer of course, it is smoothed and polished with a heavy duty grinder. After that is the use of a thin layer of cement-colored coat to the ground and cover imperfections created by air bubbles. The final step is to polish the surface to shine finish.

To read the more detailed explanation of how the terrazzo flooring are made, see this offer of this old house. The benefits of terrazzo floors, its reason for terrazzo installation in your home include:

Famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo used as a means terrazzo floor can be found in high-end hotels and other commercial real estate around the world:

  • The beauty of the ancient world. Terrazzo adds to your home to provide a stylish and distinctive look one that the homeowner can adjust the color and pattern of their choice.
  • Longevity: Terrazzo installed correctly durable, durable, water resistant, and requires little maintenance. This material is suitable for traffic-prone areas, and bathrooms, and even external applications (such as around the pool). Where terrazzo is installed, it is not a stretch to say that it will last for decades, or in some cases, centuries.
  • Nature: the original Terrazzo flooring available in northern Italy from recycled materials, and recycled glass terrazzo floors often found in modern tradition continues. Terrazzo is also non-toxic (produce volatile organic compounds), the base material is stone and cement floor itself can be recycled.

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