Bath Filler Shower Mixer

Bath Shower Mixer – Most people buy a great attention to the quality of home appliances to make their homes more comfortable, more convenient and comfortable to live in high quality bathroom equipment such as shower in between these elements. Nowadays, most people already have a bathroom equipped with shower and bath solutions they considered […]

Bath Shower Doors Glass Frameless has a modern and stylish shower enclosure on the side. Smooth the appearance of glass without very attractive for many homeowners and potential buyers skeleton. In addition, the glass doors last longer and can be more convenient than the traditional shower curtain, which is susceptible to mold and mildew growth […]

Corner Bath Shower Screen – Large shower smaller angle, with the features and designs to utilize even in the most of the space. With a group of semi-rimless and rimless shower cubicle designs available and they can keep your bathroom looks very elegant! While most of the bathroom located in the corner of the bathroom, […]

Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer – Someone asked me the other day what the defect of basin mixer wall. For a second or so, I just cannot understand why the question came, I mean, if it fits your lifestyle and fit. But after sleeping more than there are some things to consider. Advantages and disadvantages […]