Decorative toilet seats 2

Decorative toilet seats – Simple Ideas Decorating as a creative presentation of the bath towels can make your toilet look completely differently. Do you need to have the skills of an expert bender towels to impress your guests. Use a creative towel instead of the traditional towel bar or add additional decorative touches can transform […]

Mickey Mouse shower curtain

Mickey Mouse shower curtain – Decorating is not easy, that’s for sure, have a clear idea about what it is we’re looking for is complicated, this is one of the reasons why I decided to write this post, to unveil some ideas on decorating bathrooms of shower curtain Children Pay attention! Mickey Mouse shower curtain […]

Roman shower

A Roman shower style is a shower without doors, usually made ​​of transparent glass. A stylish choice for modern homes, Roman shower also can be covered with tiles for a rustic effect or marble or porcelain or more glass for a flawless appearance. Definition A Roman shower style is a “cabin” architecturally designed shower without […]

clawfoot tub shower

You love the huge old clawfoot tub shower in your master bath; it is almost as big as swimming in it and you cannot be without giving a bath occasionally. Recently, however, you’ve been longing to have a shower installed. No need to get rid of the tub to get what you want; do a […]

Black and white shower curtain

Black and white shower curtain – The shower curtain is an accessory that can enhance the look of your bathroom. It can also create a certain mood or atmosphere to make the bath more enjoyable. These curtains can be found in a wide variety of styles and colors, fitting your creativity to add a personal […]

bathroom wall art etsy

Bathroom artwork – Bathrooms small apartments may be a bit depressed with white walls and simple elements. But when you add color, illustrations and practical shelves, you can transform this small and boring space into a spa with a few simple steps. Wall color Painting a bathroom is not always an option for an apartment […]

delta shower faucet

Manufactures a Monitor delta shower faucet for the bathroom which has varying degrees of maximum hot water output series. This type of tap is also known as a tap because the maximum scalding hot temperature is adjustable by homeowners. Lowering the temperature of hot water saves young children and the elderly to open only the […]

Bathtub liners

Bathtub liners – Bathtub coatings are a thin layer which is installed on your existing bathtub. Once installed, make the tub look like new. The use of coatings is a fast way to remodel a bath. That old tub unsightly appearance can look new again. Function A bathtub liner will only cover the unsightly appearance […]

Numi toilet

If you want a fancy toilet, which is also combined with a bidet, then what you need is the Numi toilet from Kohler. But luxury does not end there, the $ 6,390 cost really worth. The cover operates electrically and when you feel feel a blast of hot air that heats your thighs. Is that […]

Nautical Themed Shower Curtains

Nautical shower curtain – The curtains simple clear and white work well to light and cool the appearance of a shower. It seems romantic shop sheikh pure outdoor curtains white. The patterns of colors work to give a whimsical look. Go with a nautical theme, camping, fishing or hunting for a rustic look. Large letters […]