Plush Carpet Tiles – When it comes to your carpet tile flooring in the home is the best way to save money. When you are decorating, there are many different options designed to work with your budget. One of the ideas is simple and cost-effective use of traditional carpet tile instead of carpet, wood, and […]

White Carpet Runners for Weddings – White Carpet Runners for Weddings comes to choosing a color scheme for your wedding, the general rule is to define the basic colors and then complete by selecting the elements of your decor with the same tone. Couples can spend hours trying to decide on the perfect color scheme, […]

Frieze Carpet is kind of cut pile carpet made ​​of twisted fibers. Individual fibers in the carpet create the appearance of non-formal net that hides a multitude of sins a bit. For this reason, this type of carpet is sometimes recommended for high traffic areas, as well as fingerprints and dirt will not show up […]

Shag Carpet or shaggy carpet hair name is derived from their “messy” appearance, the fabric appears tangled. Used in the manufacture of thick carpet, shag carpeting has recently gained popularity for a loan feel very soft and gives each room a very comfortable touch. Hallmark for shag carpet is spinning long fibers attached to the […]