Curtain Rods – You should make an impression to give a good and beautiful when you want to put up a curtain, this is a piece that is slightly smaller layer of curtain panels match you about an inch smaller along the edges to suit your needs. You have to do a lot of that […]

Blackout Curtains since moving into our new home over a month ago, I have used a beautiful and attractive curtain. Blankets and tablecloths hanging from the curtain rod that DAPT we plan to suit our needs. You must have a shape like a valentine this tablecloth hanging over the window. Blackout Curtains are a concept […]

Double Curtain Rods are a double curtain rod is used to give you the look of two-dimensional windows. This is to allow you to combine two different curtain color or type of fabric as needed. Two parallel rods, which you can use about 2 cm apart, held in place by a special mounting bracket as […]

Kitchen Window Curtains – Add a decorative touch to the window and give an image that is commonly found in many kitchens to suit your needs. Because they are located in areas where they may be exposed to moisture, heat and a fire, a kitchen window treatments require special design considerations to suit your needs. […]