office floor plans templates

Designing an office is a matter of make it as efficient as possible so that everyone in the office can do their work in a comfortable situation. How many people will be in the office and how wide the available space is, influence the design of the office floor plan. Thus, consult your office expectation […]

duplex floor plans

First, let’s discuss about the term ‘duplex house’. What is a duplex house? What makes it distinguishable from any other kind of style? To put it simply, duplex houses is a multi-family house which actually has two separate units, but constructed in certain fashion that makes it and combine it into a single dwelling. Either […]

simple lake house floor plans

Lake houses are perfect for vacation home where you can spend your long vacation with family and loved ones in the comfort of tranquil home located near a peaceful lake in the outskirt of the town. Lake house floor plans are the kind of houses that provide outdoor living areas for outdoor activities such as […]

best hair salon floor plans

When you are starting a business or opening a shop, then the key of success is how far you are able to attract consumers’ eagerness to visit it. One element that will sustain this aim is the physical look of your shop. Hair salon is one of art product that possesses high chance of physical […]

best townhome floor plans

Due to the confined space of home building, this mostly-known-as-multi-family home is one of the most predominant styles of a house recently. With lined structuring of each house in a row and multiple levels for each with just one concrete barrier for each home, townhome is indeed a proper solution in todays’ era, especially when […]

1 bed 1 bath apartment floor plans

In the great advancement of industrial and company based development, where career has evolved to be one prior indicator of human’s life, the growth number of apartment building is going concomitant with this development as well. As more people set career as the first priority which demand for more independency and lack of recognition of […]