open floor plans for small homes

In recent years, the concept of home changed, into open floor plans for homes. Fact that the concept was well received by various groups was evidenced by the many homes that use these concepts, both residential housing and minimalist luxury. Because the concept of the house as it is considered more convenient, and an open […]

the loft singapore floor plan

Every home must have loft. And in some homes, loft is not filled with anything, just the house rafters or sometimes we just make loft for storage only. Whereas, we may use loft as another room that is much more useful. Because of the small loft space and make an angle triangle, makes it difficult […]

the obama housing plan

Now, it is much in demand a modest house tends to a minimalist. The house is small but comfortable, where we may let go of tired of the activities that we have been through during the day. And our small family gathering place, where we may get together and joke fun, of course, should be […]

three bedroom townhouse floor plans

As we know the room is where we relax, we can lay down on a soft mattress, and rest. But for some people the rooms are not just rooms. There is some room placement based on the residents of the house. When it has three rooms, we can put three bedroom floor plans anywhere. It […]

tiny log cabin floor plans

Log cabin house is a house that tends to use as vacation home. This house commonly can be found in rural area like countryside and some area in mountain. The rustic style with comfortable ambience of the house becomes particular attraction for many people. Log cabin house can be made into two stories or more. […]

ranch mansion floor plans

Ranch home is quite favoured by a lot of people since the comfort that it offers. Ranch home provide openness because it uses less of furniture. The uses of space in this house are also very efficient as well as decorative details of the house. This house also have special characteristics that other house do […]

Design Your Own House Floor Plans

Modern house is a house design that really popular these days. The open and flexible use of space and the using of minimalist decoration and furniture become the attraction of this house design. Since, this house design has special characteristics that differs it from other house design. Then, you should make modern house floor plans […]

custom homes floor plans

Custom homes usually are built in a specific location. In some cases, it is also built for special demands from clients. Even though the homeowners ask help from architects to design their house. However, commonly they still have big role in controlling the design such as take part in deciding room size, and making the […]

solitaire single wide floor plans

Some people need the single wide home for living. The single wide home is alternative home if someone’s mobility is high. This home type is simple because it has wheel or tire, so it can be moved easily. It also has axles that ease this house stand in a site. This single wide home is […]

master bedroom suite floor plans additions

Almost of the houses must have the master bedroom. It is important and private room for the homeowners. The homeowner always designs the master bedroom with magnificent design. What if the homeowner only has limited master bedroom space? This fact does not mean the homeowner can’t beautify the small master bedroom. The small master bedroom […]