master bedroom suite floor plans additions

Almost of the houses must have the master bedroom. It is important and private room for the homeowners. The homeowner always designs the master bedroom with magnificent design. What if the homeowner only has limited master bedroom space? This fact does not mean the homeowner can’t beautify the small master bedroom. The small master bedroom […]

floor plans for an l shaped house

The kitchen is a component of a house that can’t be neglected. The kitchen has significant role in the house and human living. It is a place where the foods are supplied, cooked and prepared by the homeowners. The hygiene and neatness are identities of the modern kitchen. The design of modern kitchen also emphasizes […]

sunroom addition floor plans

Everybody must want to have perfect home for living. Almost of people hope their home can accommodate all of their needs, so they think that they need to renovate the house and add new rooms. In fact, the house can’t accommodate the occupant’s need any more at last because of some reasons. That is not […]

cool ranch floor plans

There are a lot of cool floor plans that are available on the market. Choosing the right one remains a problem that many house owner are difficult task to do. We have gathered some cool floor plan to help you pick the perfect plan for the new house of you and your family. 1.     Ranch […]

Tiny House Plans Under 1000 Sq Ft

Having a tiny house maybe a bit intimidating for you. The size of the room will decrease dramatically compared to regular house. With tiny house sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get something else. We want to help you to sacrifice less on your tiny house with a tiny house floor plans. A great […]

a-frame house plans designs

A frame floor plans is a style of house floor plans that consists of one big roof resembling the alphabet letter A, and the living space is all contained beneath the roof. This type of steep roof is very stylish and also. This kind of roof is also functional, because it allows heavy snow and […]

unique small cabin floor plans

A cabin is a small house usually made with log and brick. Cabins are usually used as a recreational and holiday homes. Cabin sizes usually not large and is less than 1000 square feet. It is small, has four corner, and inexpensive. The usual cabin contains one level, but there are more cabins with two […]

Single Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

A mobile home is a structure that is built in a factory on a chassis that is permanently attached to it and then transported to the place of the customer’s home, usually being towed or transported on a trailer. It can be used as a permanent residence, holiday homes, or temporary homes. Mobile homes are […]

rv floor plans with two bedrooms

Rv or a recreational vehicle is vehicle that have the capacity to be a home. It is equipped with all the things that you need in a home. Rv is usually used as a camping or vacations vehicle during the holiday season. There are rv parks that you can visit that have a lot of […]

This world is always about more and more. People want bigger houses, better cars, more money, and other things. But sometimes you just want to relax and live a simple life. One bedroom house plan is ideal for a vacation home, villa, guest house, pool house, or even as a primary home for you. One […]