walkout rambler floor plans

Are you planning to build a house? Have you got a floor plan? If you have not, then you would probably find rambler floor plans suitable for your house. Rambler or ranch floor plan is a home floor plan that is popular in America and also other parts of the world. This house plan reached […]

log house floor plans with loft

Log Homes are perfect for rustic settings that capable of matching the rustic style and sense of the house. Normally noticeable as vacation homes rather than ordinary homes, log houses are usually located in tranquil, seemingly remote and silent places such as slopes of the mountains or lakes. This type of architectural wonder is very […]

One Floor Open Concept House Plans

Open layouts for homes are probably one of the most popular choices that many home owners seek one of these days. Open house floor plans emphasize its appeal on the spaciousness of the home. It is encouraging the togetherness of the family and also increasing the options that can be used for entertaining guests. The […]

three bedroom floor plans

Designing and constructing two-bedroom house is probably among the most affordable choices that singles, couples, or even retirees are comfortable with. This kind of home are perfect for the purpose of practicality itself and capable of delivering comfort and coziness for whoever tenants it has, with a relatively affordable cost too. Whether you are building […]

small luxury homes floor plans

Before we move deeper into the heart of the topic, first, it is probably the best to start with how one can define a ‘luxury’ home. While it goes without saying that all homes should be one equal ground when it comes to providing comfort and practicality of a house function, a luxury styled home […]

spanish hacienda floor plans

As well as many house designs in the history of mankind, this particular home design have an inextricable ties with the story of early Spanish colonies. With unique style and beautifully crafted design of a house, hacienda floor plans are influenced by many cultures, such as Mediterranean cultures and Moorish cultures that immensely influential for […]

free floor plans for ranch homes with basement

If ranch houses designs are among the list of your favorite home designs, and if you are planning to build one, then keep in mind that the key of these kind homes are practical and traditional approach for the design of the house. In order to achieve such kind of approach, then thorough planning is […]

how to make floor plans

The ways on how to make floor plans are probably just the thing you need if you want to design a room in your house or if you are planning to construct a new building for whatever needs you have. Drawing a floor plan based on just the right scale will immensely help you to […]

prefab office building floor plans

Office building floor plans are supposed to be able to accommodate the needs of various businesses and several working premises. There are a lot of designs available for office building floor plans. Ranging from the standard modular office design to other kinds of office building designs. If you are planning on starting your own business, […]

modern contemporary floor plans

Suitable with the concept of contemporary home style, contemporary floor plans also feature flexible space for the floor, open, minimalist and simple not to mention clean lines and sophisticated. The touch of modern will be taken from the materials which are mixed industrial. For dynamic and modern people, this plan is favored to take because […]