Choosing and Installing AMTICO Flooring

Amtico Commercial Flooring

AMTICO Flooring – Look AMTICO comprehensive set of flooring in the latest natural wood designs. And review of this group, is modified soft colors such as white maple to the mid toned classic oaks, and the darkest color in our range WENGE Wood. All real forest AMTICO British made commercial grade {not} SPACIA making Asia, and is available at the end of “marker” in the standard size 114 MM X 915mm. You can even check stock in real-time configuration on the Internet so that you can book a taxi in advance installer.Will surface scratch-resistant repel stains and moisture flexible, making it an ideal choice for areas of wetlands such as bathrooms and showers revision, and areas of heavy wear such as corridors and entrance hall of the comments.

AMTICO matching is the original wood products and real properties. Strip wood and significantly variable in grain, shade and decoration. Please consider this in choosing your product, such as image and show our website is only a small part of this article.Can be taken AMTICO Flooring installed by If you are installing on a wooden plank floors, chipboard, MDF or sub-when the earth, it is always a good practice to install a new wood laminate base first. If you’re wood moisture grade plywood 6MM external resistance is very reasonable for you, must remain in the center of 15-20cm with screws.

If your sub-floor is your old and is very uneven, you must use a heavier grade 9MM plywood or wood 12MM. But before you install it, either with a screed finish each rubber compound. If that does not happen, the plywood is not completely flat.After installing the plywood, and spent a lot of time and can also fill in the gaps in the joints, and destroys apartment nails. Make a note of the high points with sand paper and the middle class. Time spent in the sub-floor preparation will produce huge profits when you install a new AMTICO Flooring, so do not be tempted to cut any corners.

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