Decorate the your bathroom artwork

bathroom art deco ceiling lights

Bathroom Art Deco Ceiling Lights

Bathroom artwork – Bathrooms small apartments may be a bit depressed with white walls and simple elements. But when you add color, illustrations and practical shelves, you can transform this small and boring space into a spa with a few simple steps.

  1. Wall color

Painting a bathroom is not always an option for an apartment rented, but talks to your landlord and shows a selection of colors for approval. If allows you to paint, choose a light tone that will make the room feel warmer without making her feel smaller. A light blue light green tone, taupe or works well in the small bathroom and looks good with white tiles and moldings. If you cannot paint the walls, do not despair. Most small apartment’s bathrooms have space at the sink and the toilet and under it, so think of great bathroom artwork to transform the place. A large image from the elements works very well as well as a set of colors for the rest of the room. Leave the area over the toilet ready to place shelves.

  1. Accessories

Use the dominant colors in the illustration for towels and rugs. Choose a set of towels in a color or buy many more dark tones and hand towels and rags in lighter shades. Choose a rug in a darker tone to make cozy space.

  1. Illustrations

The bathroom artwork with pictures may set the tone for your bathroom. To avoid an ornate look, choose a large image instead of many small ones. A large piece provides a focal point and a color scheme and can integrate the room.

  1. Curtains

The right bathroom curtain can make the place look bigger. Choose a light color with plastic interior. To make the place look more spacious, buy a transparent curtain with large designs or color of the wall or accent colors.

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