Guide for Timber Flooring Laminating

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Timber Flooring There was a time when it was easy to decide what type of wood flooring for your home use. You only have two choices: solid wood or wood parquet flooring. It starting terminology such as “engineered wood flooring” and “wood laminate flooring,” making their appearance. In all, Timber Flooring consists of four layers:

  1. Is the basis for this layer, a protective thin film of water that settles the Board and adds an extra layer of waterproofing?
  2. The core layer comprises well watertight medium density fiberboard (MDF) or high density fiber board (HDF).
  3. The third layer is the design drawing paper. In laminate flooring, this is a realistic picture of the actual wood up to four colors.
  4. The top layer consists of a mixture of melamine and aluminum oxide.

Four layers are heat-sealed together under pressure. Melamine impregnating paper coating produces steel bonding with the core layer. At the same time, giving the appearance of a polished surface of the painting, microscopic particles of aluminum oxide on the surface of the laminate flooring laminate melamine makes zero resistance is much scuffed. The end result is a realistic looking “wood laminate” said very durable.

Why did you choose Timber flooring instead of traditional solid wood or engineered wood flooring? There are several good reasons to:

  • Laminate flooring is cheaper per square meter of solid wood or engineered. When taken in installation costs, less expensive and still cheaper than solid wood flooring, which must be sanded and polished after the order is placed.
  • A wooden floor tiles Wood does not shrink, warp or crack.
  • Choice between wood or copy designer colors available in solid wood or veneer.
  • Highly durable and you do not need to peel and re-polishing wood laminate flooring.
  • Do not use the natural resources of precious wood in laminate wood flooring industry.

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