Guiding to Paint MDF Interior Doors

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MDF Interior Doors – You must be coated with a porous material door seals oil-based paint primer before. Use spray paint to paint the application of high quality rubber to get professional results. Here is the guiding to paint MDF Interior Doors:

  • Drop cloths situation on the ground. Set up two horses in a well-ventilated work area.
  • Chips slide under the edge of the door for support. Remove the screws from the door hinges using a drill or screwdriver. Remove the door from the frame and bring them to the work area.
  • Doors placed all the horses, click or call now balanced on one end of the horses, to evenly distribute weight. Remove the door handles and hinges, using a drill or screwdriver.
  • Put on a mask of dust and sand the entire door, use a fine grit sanding pad. Remove the sanding dust with a vacuum. Vacuum lifting the corner of the door plate well to remove any remaining dust.
  • Clean the door using a cleaning greasy dirt cleaner and a clean cloth and waste.
  • Wear protective clothing and respirators and eye device. Fill the spray paint with primer seal. Holding the rifle about 1 foot from the door and apply a light coating of primer, using gentle, sweeping passes, be sure to spray the edges. Moisture can enter the open edges, causing the door to inflation. Let the primer dry completely. Apply a second layer of primer and allow it to dry.
  • Filling nail holes and dents in the door with a vinyl sparkling. Survey sparkling excess with a clean cloth, and moist.

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