velvet curtains

Laura Ashley curtains Laura Ashley curtains – These blinds are particularly charming and able to completely transform a room. Created from a variety of materials and a wide variety of patterns, are easy to integrate into almost any environment. The British firm Laura Ashley is able to transform the decor of any room with curtains […]

small luxury homes floor plans

Before we move deeper into the heart of the topic, first, it is probably the best to start with how one can define a ‘luxury’ home. While it goes without saying that all homes should be one equal ground when it comes to providing comfort and practicality of a house function, a luxury styled home […]

tile for kitchen backsplash

Installing the stylish kitchen backsplash will make your kitchen in the well management and easy to clean. The backsplash is widely used in the kitchen design. The easy installation and the beautiful design covered the tile for protecting the wall form the water for the clean and beautiful cabinets. By installing the backsplash, you have […]

unique craftsman house plans

If you are looking for best quality of house plans then it is recommended to look for Don Gardner house plans. Good thing about house plans provided by Donald A. Gardner Architects aside of the best quality is that they could come up with all budget ranges and also all tastes of the people. Even […]

spanish hacienda floor plans

As well as many house designs in the history of mankind, this particular home design have an inextricable ties with the story of early Spanish colonies. With unique style and beautifully crafted design of a house, hacienda floor plans are influenced by many cultures, such as Mediterranean cultures and Moorish cultures that immensely influential for […]

interlocking floor tiles 6

The interlocking floor tiles rubber cover can live backyard decks faded and some products have sturdy rubber covered surfaces to fading caused by ultraviolet light. However, rubber materials will not help a deck that is not structurally sound. For best results, repair loose boards, exposed nails and other defects before covering a cover with rubber […]

shoe storage

Under stair storage – We talked on more than one occasion Decoesfera on the infinity of possible ways that exist to leverage the stairwell, but we always end up discovering new and interesting ideas such as, in this case, the space for under stair storage. This is an idea as simple, since all the remaining […]

free floor plans for ranch homes with basement

If ranch houses designs are among the list of your favorite home designs, and if you are planning to build one, then keep in mind that the key of these kind homes are practical and traditional approach for the design of the house. In order to achieve such kind of approach, then thorough planning is […]

stainless steel outdoor kitchen

Building the outdoor kitchens can be the solution of your limitation house or achieving the different look in kitchen design. Designing the outdoor concept of your kitchen can be started by installing the grill in the strategically place. Grilling is one of the important things in your kitchen that should be placed in the right […]

slate tile patio

Slate patio is a metamorphic rock – colored fine-grained and usually bluish gray color – that easily splits into thin, smooth boards. This type of rock retains a natural look and a smooth, flat configuration, even when broken into layers. These features make it a popular roofing slate and flooring material. As with other stone […]