What is a Roman shower style?

Roman shower 2

Roman Shower 2

A Roman shower style is a shower without doors, usually made ​​of transparent glass. A stylish choice for modern homes, Roman shower also can be covered with tiles for a rustic effect or marble or porcelain or more glass for a flawless appearance.


A Roman shower style is a “cabin” architecturally designed shower without a door or curtain. The way that the builders make the shower makes water stay in the cab and not splash the bathroom floor.

Other names

The Roman shower style is used as accessible for disabled showers using some homes and hotels because they’re designed without doors or any other partitions. These showers for disabled people can be called “showers of shooting” by how easy it is to bring a person in a wheelchair to the shower.


A shower of Roman style is usually part of a Roman bath, a modern bathroom. The rooms are often designed with few partitions, open spaces, marble and glass. The Roman baths in homes often have modern features such as LED lights, steam, radio, TV, telephone, theater and internet access, according to the website of Architectural Design.


The name Roman shower style shower style is that the Romans copied the Greeks. The simple construction of the cabins bathroom was like a communal shower, similar to the way in which athletes are cleaned at the gym or after games. The Romans also built large houses steam called “saddle bags” or “sudatorios” where people were relaxing together as a social event. The Romans also used communal bathrooms where everyone cleaned in a “bath”, more like a marble swimming pool, to clean dust and dirt.


Color is important when designing a bath and a Roman shower. The light for the shower and around the expanded color space. Colors like bright white, bright pink, yellow and lilac make it look spacious. Darker colors such as ebony, cedar, dark blue and green often make a space seem smaller, but more intimate and warm.

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